About Us

Work simpler, faster & more efficient

Aeolus Engineering solutions are an integral part of this aspect, which has changed the way every home maker, Tradesman, industrial user conducts their activity.

In today's fast evolving life situations, every individual is faced with challenges to make their work simpler, faster and more efficient.

About Us
  • Robust/sturdy - cost economical solutions for the heavily loaded industrial applications
  • Efficient and flexible solutions to every tradesman (electrical, wood working, general)
  • DIY for very household to make their day to day work easy and self-reliant.
  • Omni Channel Sales and Marketing Solutions with best of the brands
At Aeolus we offer these solutions at all platforms - Online, Offline & Retail which ensures our customers make the best of the choices made available to them.

We also offer varied services in specific industrial requirements with well qualified personal in their area of expertise providing consultancy and guiding in implementation in areas such as mechanical product engineering, electronics manufacturing services, Food safety management and product certification.

Our motto is to bring Winds of Change, making a difference in your everyday life with WIN-WIN solutions and lasting good/happy experience.