• Inspection & Regulatory Service

At Aeolus we offer the following Services

Chartered Engineer Certificates are required by Customs Department, Banks, Government Companies and also some private companies which need the services of a specialized Engineer. Some of the applications include

  • EPCG Licensing Application
  • Machine Installation Certification
  • Assessment of Useful Life of Machinery
  • Certification For Import / Export Of Plant & Machinery / Raw Material / Spares
  • Certificate For Procurement / Import Of Material For SEZ/DTA Units
  • Preshipment Inspection for Export Requirements

Many companies are in need for an inspection done by third party and external to the company for their critical processes and required for multiple reasons like Compliance, Regulatory Requirements, Management or Customer Requirements.
Our Services Include

  • Validating Useful life of Tools & Consumables
  • Visual Inspection of Mechanical, Electrical & Electronic Equipment
  • Inspection of Design Parameters for Manufactured Components, Inspection of Wear & Tear
  • Inspection of Processes like Metal Cutting , Repair Processes etc
  • Visual Verification of Dimension Checking or Incoming Quality Check

Inventory is an item which is often overlooked or neglected by most companies due to their primary focus on the core processes. But in many cases we have observed Inventory is a major Cash Flow choking element and also it can directly impact the company’s profits if they have the wrong inventory in place. At Aeolus we can help with

  • Audit of Inventory
  • Assessment of useful and non useful Inventory items
  • Stock Take & Cycle Counting
  • Segregation based on Usage, Storage Methods
  • ABC Analysis
  • Inventory Location Design & Tracking Method